Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 14, 2008

The fat lady is singing…..but chocolate drowns that bitch out.

I give up.  I started spotting again this morning with these horrible cramps.  My cramps have NEVER been this bad! It’s like some horrible penance for hoping for a BFP.  TMI here, but I put in a tampon and an hour later, it was full.  C-Dub finally realized how important this is to me when he caught me trying to cry quietly.  He’s always saying, you have to relax and stop stressing about tit.  Stop stressing……. I hate that phrase.  Stop stressing.   If one more damn person tells me that “it will just happen” I swear I will scream. 😦 

We went to the house party with the “accident” baby.  He is so adorable.  He has a really really big head, but those big eyes make up for it.  It was surprisingly easy to tolerate.  I was proud of myself.  But then, I did take a big break from my diet and have about 2 Sausakuto cookies, and two Margarita’s and a beer.  Also 2 mini dove bars………..I was pretty desensitized while playing Spades.  (we killed the competition by the way.  In their own house!)

Chocolate is good, but sleep will be better.  I am going to take a few Motrin and lay down.  Tommorrow has got to be better. Thanks for the support everyone, but it’s on to cycle #10.  Cycle #10!  OH MY GOD!


  1. I’m sorry that wench showed up, but I’m glad you were able to enjoy the housewarming party.

  2. So sorry. 😦 Chocolate, cookies, alcoholic beverages – perfect cure for the hag’s arrival. Thinking of you.

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