Posted by: Rose's Daughter | August 30, 2008

BD success, and other topics…..

So we did the deed.  It was GREAT!  My temps went slightly upward this am.  I’ve got my fingers, toes, eyes, legs… get the point, everything is crossed!  But, now today, he’s very snippy.  I think it’s because I leave in three days.  Am I a bad wife if I was to say that I am happy about that?  That I can’t wait to get away?  I think the time and distance apart might give us time to reevaluate and appreciate each other more.  Or it will do just the opposite.  Either way, it gets us where we need to be.  Hmmmm.  I don’t sound too optimistic do I?  I am.  I keep singing that Luther song to myself…

When I say goodbye it is never for long

‘Cause I know our love still lives on

It will be again exactly like it was

‘Cause I believe in the power of love……


By the way, this is very off topic but……DID U SEE BARACK OBAMA!  All I can say is……

                                                           YES WE CAN!

I think that sums up my political views.

Sorry if anyone is offended.

No, I take that back, I’m not.


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