Posted by: Rose's Daughter | September 19, 2008

Off For Vacation

Well, I am waiting in the airport to board my plane home after 17 days away from C-Dub.  I am so horny!!!!!!  Plus, I miss my sweetie!  We really really need this vacation away from everyone and everything.  I don’ t even know what day of my cycle I am on!  I am really not trying to think of it!  I just want to go, lay in the sun on the sand, drink fruity beverages with Rum, read endless romance novels and have hot “non baby making” sex.  That is my plan for the next 8 days.  Eight days not thinking of anything but my hubby.  That’s the plan.  So, I’ll see you all in 8 days!!!!! Peace……..

Philippines coastline, beach aqua waters



  1. Have an amazing vacation and have a big fruity drink for me!

  2. Have fun with C-Dub!

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