Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 14, 2008

Just 4 weeks.

I am sooooo hungry. I feel like I have been eating non stop since Sunday. All yesterday(all all last night at work) I ate. I am going to be big as a house if this keeps up! But when I don’t eat, I feel Nauseated. Yuck. Today, I am going to try more protein.

I made my first appointment today!!! Next Friday when I go to visit C-Dub. Maybe I’ll take him with me! I am so excited! And it’s with my favorite Midwife! She used to be a nurse with me, so I am soooo happy to have someone I trust. She is so low key, just like me, so it will be perfect!

I still haven’t figured out how to tell C-Dub. I really wanted to wait and tell him face to face next Thursday, but I don’t now if I can wait that long!!! But I really want to see his face when I tell him!

Oh well, I’m off to the gym. I am cutting down my usual hour long workout to 30 minutes. I tried that, and didn’t last.


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