Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 23, 2008

Going Home!

12 hours until I see C-Dub!!!! I am so excited!!!  I have decided to name our growing Bean, “Baby Dub”.  C-Dub thought it was funny.  He’s taking off Friday and going with me to the OB appointment.  I did warn him that we probably won’t see anything, but you never know!  Then we are going to go and vote.

I am getting nervous about the appointment!  What if something is wrong?  I had a sharp lower abdominal pain this morning and is sent me scurrying to the Internet to look up ectopic pregnancies.  My imagination is soooooo overactive. Hopefully.  I’ve only told 2 people besides C-Dub: 2 friends who I blurted it out to and them immediately swore to secrecy

We are going to tell the family after the appointment. 

We are going to spend Saturday with my parents so we will tell them Friday night.  We will probably call his mom right after the appointment.  I really don’t want anyone other than our parents to know, But C-Dub’s Momma has a big mouth.  It’s gonna be all over Louisiana by tomorrow afternoon.

But I am not going to tell anyone else for a while. Let them guess!

Well, I’ve got to go! I’ll update tomorrow!!!!



  1. Baby Dub, that’s adorable!

  2. Baby-Dub! So cute!

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