Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 28, 2008

Prenatal Vitamins???

 Is there a reason prenatal vitamins are so big? Or is it just another form of torture?



  1. I take those too! They’re not that bad, at least it’s not chalky!! =)

  2. I take Materna which, I guess, is a Canadian thing. Mine are pretty big too, but they do wonders for growing awesome nails!

  3. Really, if you’re getting ready to give birth – trust me – the discomfort of a slightly large pill will soon be overshadowed by the pains of childbirth.

    Try breaking them up into smaller pieces – or blending in with yogurt. That worked well for my wife.

  4. Ummmm……yeah……ummmmmmm………

  5. The bulkiest ingredient in prenatals is the calcium.

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