Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 30, 2008

7 weeks 0 days……..

So……Morning sickness has hit.  I think.  It started yesterday, after breakfast.  I felt like it was going to come up not 10 minutes after I had finished my Kashi go lean Crunch cereal with bananas.  It lasted 30 minutes, but I managed to keep the food down.  Lots of deep breathing.  So I thought, hey, just a one time thing.  Also, my throat started hurting, allergies really bad.  So I reasoned it could be the post nasal drip.  But noooooooooo.  When I woke up and ate dinner, I had to literally force each spoonful down. My stomach was like, aw hell no!  But after an hour, that food got down.  So this lasted on and off all night at work.  I just really had to take my time with my meals.  Hell, I feel nauseated right now…..

But on the other hand, am I a sick sick girl for being happy to feel like shit?  It’s a REAL pregnancy symptom!!!!!!!!

Sad.  So sad.

Also, I want to give a shot out to Brown Eyed Girl for those Beta results!!!!!! WOOOOO WHOOOO!!!!!! Today You Are Pregnant!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!



  1. Yay! Morning Sickness! I’m actually looking forward to this particular symptom. It will make things more real for me. Enjoy it girl. Sad but true, I totally understand!

  2. Yea for RPS!!! =)

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