Posted by: Rose's Daughter | November 6, 2008

8 weeks…….

So, here I am, 8 weeks and counting!!! I am excited.  My little chickpea is growing!  Next Tuesday, I go back for my “official” ultrasound and official first appointment.  The one where they draw all the blood and take all of the history.  I am more excited about the ultrasound.  I really really really really want to see a heartbeat.  Really really really!!!

So I go home day after tomorrow! YEAH!!! I cannot wait to sleep in my own damn bed next to my husband!!!!!!!!

And My wonderful wonderful sister in law is taking me to see Tina Turner Monday night. 

I have a confession……I snuck into Babies R Us on Tuesday.  It was……..enlightening.  Let’s just say I had no idea.  No clue.  THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!! HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?  What do you really need? OMG!  I walked around in a daze for about 2 hours.  Finally, I got a book called The Baby Gizmo Buying guide.  I hope that helps a little.  Hmmmmm.  I am still slightly dazed from that trip



  1. OMG! I’m going to see Tina Turner with my mom and 2 of my sisters next week Thursday! You have to tell me how the show is. I’m so excited!

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