Posted by: Rose's Daughter | November 9, 2008

Back home…..

I am home.  I am still sick.  But i slept better last night than I have in 7 weeks.  Ahhhhhhhh.  I love my bed. I actually feel better today. 

But my hair is breaking off.  I am kind of worried about that. Hmmmmmm.  I was thinking about cutting it off.  Now, i am sure I will.  It’s dry( no matter what I put in it) and it’s breaking, and it just looks haggard.  And ALL of my gray is showing!!!!!  And I can’t dye my hair until the 2nd trimester!!!!!! 

Well, tommorrow, I am going to go look at some styles.  Tuesday or Wednesday….it comes off.

Maybe Tuesday, after my OB appointment…..Hmmmmmmm

got to go now, C-Dub had absolutely nothing to eat in this house.  MUST GO GROCERY SHOPPING!!!



  1. Glad you’re back home with C-Dub!

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