Posted by: Rose's Daughter | November 15, 2008

break it down……

You know, last night, I finally had to break it down to C-Dub. 

He had been making snide little comments about the amount of time I have been sleeping.  I finally had to break it down to him that I am dead tired! Sure, I didn’t work at all this week, but hey, I am making a new human being here!  Everything I say, “It’s all in your head.”  Finally I showed him my many many books on the subject of my pregnancy and he finally seems to be getting that it is not “all in my head.” And it might have helped that  he finally saw me in action when breakfast made a reappearance. 

But anyway, I am working today.  Thankfully.  We are trying to make sure that we have lots of money in reserve, just in case.  I am worried, but trying not to show it.  C-Dub seems to be almost relaxed about the whole situation.  We had a long discussion about the what if’s.  It’s no secret that I make more.  In fact, my earning potential is almost limitless.  As a nurse, there is always a job.  Somewhere, somehow. 

We were talking about what to downsize just in case, and what we would do when the baby was born.  My wonderful husband would actually consider being a stay at home Dad!  I mean, I never even considered it!  But I really really like the idea of him staying home!  Think of the money saved for childcare!  Besides, he wouldn’t do nothing.  He is looking into starting his own business.  He keeps saying that this lay off might have been the best thing because it is pushing him to do something that he really wants to do:start is own business/work for himself.

Hmmmm.  I we will see.  I am the worrier, it’s what I do.  So I’ll let him dream and scheme.



  1. I’m convinced the human race would have ended a long time ago if men carried babies! I’m glad C-Dub sees the light. I’m praying for you guys, it sounds like the lay off may be a blessing in disguise.

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