Posted by: Rose's Daughter | November 18, 2008

job searches

Sooo.  I have a job interview today.  Over the phone.  Now.  Let me just say that usually, over the phone interviews are reserved for when I do travel nurse assignments, not “I live in your city, approximately 5 miles away” interviews.  Hmmmm.  It’s a small hospital.  Or at least, it’s a smallish unit.  I really don’t like smallish units. You work harder. But I am thinking of the ease of getting there, the BENEFITS.  MY BABY DUB NEEDS BENEFITS.  OK OK OK.  You get the point.

So at least I don’t have to fix my face to that “I am so interested in this job” look for 30 whole minutes.  Instead, just my voice.  That’s easy.  Almost too easy.  I will have to take my cough medicine before hand though.  Can’t cough my way through an interview. Not Professional at all.

Nothing new on baby dub front.  I noticed a little rounding in my lower stomach yesterday. Hmmmmmmm.  My uterus is growing!  The morning sickness still likes to sneak up on me at unpredictable times.  Like when I ‘m a Chili’s eating a steak fajita(hmmmm, sour cream, pico  de gallo,onions, green peppers……..) and I get halfway through it and have to put it down for 5 minutes until I am sure that that mouthful will stay down. Sign.  It’s such a hard life.



  1. Good luck with your interview!

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