Posted by: Rose's Daughter | December 23, 2008


So, my house is clean, and family should be arriving shortly.  Let the madness begin. 

I went for a pre-interview for a job with benefits today.  Since C-Dub got laid off, I have been scrambling trying to find a full time job with insurance.  It’s hard out there, even for a nurse!  Well, the staffing agency I signed up for wants to send me on an interview for get this……a Fertility Clinic.

Now isn’t that ironic?


  1. I have finished an Exact Replica, it was really amazing for me.

    On the job, wow! I am betting you would be great for that job since you’d have a lot of compassion and understanding for what the patients there are going through. I know it makes a big difference when a nurse or doctor seems to have some understanding of what we’ve been through. When I found out I was m/c for the 2nd time, the OB I saw that day told me that they’d had m/c too and his compassion was just so evident. It was a horrible experience no matter what, but having a doctor who understood and cared really made a huge difference for me.

  2. Can you IMAGINE if there is an employee discount?! Hot damn! I have heard of plastic surgeons doing that.

    On the one hand, I would love a nurse that knew where I was coming from. On the other, that might be very emotionally draining for you.


  3. That would be great to have a job at an infertility clinic. I also wanted to say thank you SO much for the comment on my blog that you left. It doesn’t matter to me how long it’s been since a loved one has passed. Anyone who gives you some emotional support is special. Thank you, it means A LOT!
    Hugs and good luck on finding a job with benefits!

  4. I don’t know what to say… so I will just add Good luck!

  5. That’s great news! Wishing you luck. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I have no problem with you using my daily prayer. Looks like its already starting to work.

  6. Good luck with the whole job. Maybe they will offer an employee discount.

    Hoping you had a Merry Christmas and wishing you a blessed New Year.


  7. Of course you got an interview for a fertility clinic! It’s Murphy’s Law of Infertility. Good luck finding a job. And good luck TTC! ICLW.

  8. Very ironic but I agree with the other comment, an employee discount would be fantastic!!! Plus, you know everything works out for a reason. God is still in control and has not forgotten any of us, regardless of our issues – be them big or small. Well I look forward to hearing how it all works out for you.

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