Posted by: Rose's Daughter | December 26, 2008

Family matters.

Lord knows that I love my family.  Love them to death.  But honestly, I will be so glad when they all just go away.  I miss my quiet house, I miss having my TV all to myself and not always tuned in to ESPN s courtesy of my father and brother.  I hate having to clean up after 3 male slobs instead of just one(who mainly cleans up after himself.).  I am tired of entertaining, smiling, cooking, cleaning, talking.  Mainly, I am tired of smiling after well meaning comments about the miscarriage.  You know, the “it’s God’s will”, “time will heal all wounds,” “you’ll have another, ” “go screw your husband’s brains out and get another one quick,” and my favorite quote(via my aunt) “Now you’ll probably end up having way more than you want now!”. 

Alrighty then

Honestly, what do you say to that?


  1. HUGS! It is so hard to respond in those instances. Wishing you the very best.

    Here from ICLW…No. 87
    The Unfair Struggle

  2. Sounds like my family, I try to avoid them at all costs. I too have an Aunt from Hell. I’ve realized that it’s just easier not to respond – just smile and try not to say what you really want to say!


  3. Well at least they mean well. When I found out I was pregnant all I heard was well you should have been using something. I was not trying to prevent it just shocked and a little scared when it did happen! Family is good at times but I like you enjoy my privacy and quiet!

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