Posted by: Rose's Daughter | January 1, 2009


Would it be wrong to have “get pregnant and have a baby” as a new years resolution?

Just wondering.



  1. I’m doing something new this year. I never stick to resolutions, so I decided to make New Years Commitments……

    • That is a good idea!!!!

  2. I didn’t have a New Years resolution. Thanks to you now I do! I think it’s a great idea.

  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I was horrible at it as I’m sure you can tell because I’m just responding to yours. I love your New Year’s Resolution though! I hope it comes true!

  4. No, my resolution last year – the #1 was not get pregnant but God had other ideas- I think it is great that you are planning and will be prepared!

  5. […] Last year at this time, I was deep in the debts of despair, trying to put on a happy face.  Trying to be normal.  2008 sucked. 2009 started sucky, but ended wonderfully with the birth of The Pookah.  He has turned what could have been yet another sucky year into a true blessing.  I am sooooooo grateful that I managed at least to keep that one resolution that I half jokingly made on 1/1/2008 […]

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