Posted by: Rose's Daughter | January 10, 2009

7day post O

OK.  So I joined Weight Watchers today.  The not pregnant, pregnant looking body has got to go.


In the one week wait here, and I must say I am having the worst pre AF cramps I have ever had in my life!  What I am feeling is what I usually get the first day ONLY of AF.  I actually feel like climbing under the covers and holding a hot water bottle to my tummy.  YIKES!  Dr K did say that the first AF after the D&C would be a doozy,


If this is how it is before it even starts, I am going to be incapacitated when it actually starts out! It’s not due, according to my calculations, until next weekend.  Right around the time that Dr K told me that it should be here.  He said if it doesn’t, I need to come in for a checkup.  That would be nice except…..I still have no insurance!!! And I still owe the office money.  😦

Anyway, just ramblings on a Saturday.  I am going back to bed.  I worked 14 hours of overtime this week.


  1. Just keep the faith it will all work out… as long as you pay something I didn’t think doctors could do much to you. I could be wrong though. I am sure you will handle it all like a trooper keeping your main goal in mind. Praying for ya girlie!

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