Posted by: Rose's Daughter | January 13, 2009


I am waiting. Trying to be patient. My temps dropped this morning. 10dpo. Is AF eminent? Isn’t that good? I get to start TTC for real now. OPK’s, temps, cervical checks…..all that good stuff.

Why am I not excited?



  1. It would be great if you were to become pregnant this month.

    AF can be a good sign when TTC even though she’s not always welcome. If she comes – you can start your new chart from Day 1. I recommend that you purchase “Taking Charge of Your Fertility”, a book by Toni Weschler. It’s really good at explaining charts (w/ examples) and just about everything you need to know about your cycle.

  2. I think the excitement will come… just wait! AF came and I apparently was prego so just keep that in mind. AF was there for 4 months while a classmate was prego and that is what made her think she was not the whole time! So just keep the faith.

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