Posted by: Rose's Daughter | January 19, 2009

CD 5

Happy MLK Day!

Well, I just had one of my shortest AF’s ever.  I haven’t had a 3 day AF since I was on birth control well over a year ago.  I guess it’s because there was really no lining to shed.  So, today, I guess I’ll go out and get some OPK’s  But I am debating which ones to get.  I hate trying to interpret if the line is darker or lighter.  So this means that I have to spend that obscene amount on the digital one, but OK.  I can do it!  I am also taking Origins Multivitamins for Her that I heard about on some of  the boards:

Lot’s a women got their BPF’s  taking this, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.  They seem to have every possible supplement/vitamin that I’ve ever heard about taking while TTC.  But it does make your pee neon yellow!

Ahhh, the things we do while TTC.

Now, the weight loss front.  I’ve been failing miserably.  I was doing good yesterday, until a MD at work first bought krispy kreme donuts for breakfast, then turned around a got pizza for lunch.  I mean DAMN! Can a sista get a break? But I am starting over today.  Again.  I am going to the gym too.  Might as well, I have absolutely nothing else to do since C-Dub is in DC.  He’s having fun.

Can’t wait until tommorrow though!

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