Posted by: Rose's Daughter | January 26, 2009

CD 12 or 2 DPO?

So I think I ovulated.



This is the story……

So, I had been reading the boards about those damn Origin multivitamins.  A lot of people had said that they were ovulating early.  So for giggles, I decided to go and POAS to see.  And got a faint 2nd line.  OK.  The madness then began.  I kept POAS for the next 3 days, but never saw a clear positive.  It was ALMOST positive, but not a real one.  So I skip a day.  Then, when I come back, it’s the closest to positive I’d seen!  So, I gear up to O the next day and………it was a clear negative.  And today, no 2nd line at all.  Add into this, that my temps shot up yesterday.  AND no more EWCM or watery.   AND cervix is now high and closed. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

But that would mean that I O’d on CD 10 instead of my usual cd 15-17.  It would mean I MISSED IT!!!! 😦 😦 😦

I did BD the day before, but I don’t know……….I can’t remember if C-Dub actually finished?( you know what I mean!)

This might just be a wasted F***ed up cycle!

I swear.

And I was getting so excited.  My new job comes with other perks.  There is a pharmacy in the lobby that sells Pre-seed.  If you’ve been on any of the boards, you know this stuff is supposed to mimic EWCM perfectly and be safe instead of using KY which can kill the spermies.  Well, I got a box, got home, POA OPK and got a clear negative.  Shit.  DAMN!  MUTHA FU*****.!!!!!!

Yes, I have a potty mouth. Sorry.  But I’m frustrated as hell right now.


  1. Even though your temps are rising, it’s still possible that you haven’t ovulated yet. Make the most of it anyway, you never know.

    And watch your fucken mouth young lady! That’s for messing with with me (Month #46)=)

  2. Keep temping you might not have O’ed yet. Good luck.


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