Posted by: Rose's Daughter | February 10, 2009

25 random things about me!

I got tagged by Scrapper26 to do 25 random things.  So here goes!

1. I am going natural this year. For the 2nd and last time. 


2. I met C-Dub on  But he doesn’t tell anyone.
3. I lived in Vegas for a year, but I don’t gamble.
4. I am addicted to facebook, and I am not ashamed.
5. I can drink anyone under the table.  Go ahead….try me.
6. I love to read, and have books on every surface in my house.
7. I love to write.
8. My greatest ambition is to write a novel. In the meantime, I blog. But only 2 IRL know about it.
9. I am addicted to reality TV.  It’s nice to see that someone else’s life is more fucked up than mine.
10. I love CNN and I am addicted to politics.
11 I am a neat freak. But only a work. At home, I am a clutter bug.
12 My husband is a neat freak. I love him anyway.
13 I love James Bond movies.
14 I think The Family Guy and The Boondocks are two of the best shows of all time.
15 I know all the words to the first Star Wars trilogy.
16 I love warm chewy oatmeal cookies.
17 I was my parent’s first child, but I have an older brother.
18 I love hotels. Something about room service and hotel sheets……
19 I’m pretty easy going, but I have a horrible temper.
20 I sometimes wish I could do college over, but I wouldn’t be 16 again for all the tea in China.
21 I have never seen Grey’s Anatomy.
22 I was born on April 14th. The same day the Titanic hit the iceberg, Abraham Lincoln was shot, and the day before your taxes are due.
23 Even though I complain all the time, I love working in Labor and Delivery. My job can be hilarious, miraculous and tragic all in the same day. On the same patient.
24 I hate to exercise. Which is why I haven’t loss the 10 pounds I gained in November and December.
25 My best friend is a male. But I haven’t spoken to him in 10 years.


I tag The Mrs, Kischa,Murgdan, Browneyedgirl, and A n T



  1. Fantastic! I can’t believe you met C-Dub on I met my hubby on and only a few people know that! I think you should break down and watch Grey’s. I hate oatmeal! I get antsy about hotel sheets- what if they did not use bleach or change the sheets? Male friends are the best even though you get married and tend to stop talking to them! I could so take a year and write a novel too!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. I met hubby in a yahoo group. We’ve told a few people over the years, but not our parents. 🙂

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