Posted by: Rose's Daughter | February 10, 2009

Ok, so today is the beginning of the 1WW.  My temps shot way up this morning.  Very weird.  Just one more reason to obsessively stalk my own chart.  I told one of my patients today(as she lay on the table after her IUI) to visualize the sperm racing to meet the egg.  I am trying to visualize the fertilized and growing egg moving down my tube to my uterus and implanting well.  I am trying to visualize it at least once a day.

While praying.

In other news:

I am back on the weight loss train.  I have now gained back ALL 20 of the pounds I lost last summer before I got pregnant.  I know what happened.  I got pregnant and was just soooooo hungry! I had gained five pounds during the cruise(food was way too good.).  Then, I got back and was soooo hungry.  Add 2 more pounds.  Then I was pregnant.  And hungry.  Add 5 more.  So by the time I miscarried, I had gained back about 10 to 15 pounds. 

But I kept eating.  Comfort food was what I needed and wanted.  Food comforted me when nothing else could.  So now we arrive at 179.8 pounds. 


So, I want to work out with a vengence, but of course, it is the two week wait, so I can’t get my pulse up above 140.  Just in case. So, nothing strenuous for the next week at least.

So the 1st week of the 2WW went by quickly.  What, with the obsession with weight loss, and the new job, I have been distracted.  So I need  this next week to fly by too. 

One day down, 6 to go.

Come on baby!!!!!


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