Posted by: Rose's Daughter | March 26, 2009

Today was a good day.

After 7 days of POAS, I didn’t test.  I decided to go on faith.

Today I am pregnant,

I am pregnant today.

Life is good.

It’s going to be hard to hide this at work until I plan to tell anyone(some time way after 13 weeks if I can help it).  About 3 people noticed that I am dead tired in the afternoons.  I don’t want a repeat of last time:tell everyone early and then have to tell them again if ………..

No, we will not put that into words.

Today I am pregnant.

I am pregnant today.

We went to our counseling session last night at church.  Now, while it was helpful and we talked a lot of things out with a 3rd party….I don’t know if it really helped us.

We haven’t gotten into any major arguments lately. We’ve both been trying really hard.  I guess. And C-Dub  is looking, acting, and saying that he feels better.  More optimistic.  No more gloom and doom talk. He is really into this pregnancy this time.  He pats my belly every morning now.  It’s really sweet.

Anyway.  Since I never lost the weight from last time(and added quite a few pounds), I am starting out with waaaaaay too much weight on me.  Yuck. I haven’t weighed this much since……well never!  And I can’t even diet!  I know I should just be grateful to be pregnant and move on, but since I work in the field, I know how being overweight can affect your pregnancy.  Badly.  I guess I’ll just go to the gym.  Because, we like to eat.

Well, that’s all for now.  Just chilling, enjoying the moment, the day, the hour. 

Life is good.


  1. I understand your thoughts. ICLW

  2. I’m going to stop posting and then move to a new blog. I think my blog was “found.” I am ok. Glad you’re good.

  3. I’m glad you had a good day! I’m glad you and C-Dub are doing better. Give the counseling some time, it will help.

    *Big hug my pregnant friend*

  4. Don’t sweat the weight. You know the drill. Eat pleanty of fruits and veggies, cut out most of the sweets. Drink lots of water. You can do it. Everything else will just work itself out.

    And Yay! You’re pregnant! I’m so happy we can be pregnant together!

  5. I’m so happy for you! Don’t worry about the weight – you did it, so just relax and have a great pregnancy.

  6. thanks everyone!

    Awake, don’t forget to let me know!

  7. Congratulations! I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!


  8. Yes, you are pregnant and we are praying that it stays that way!

  9. Yes, you are pregnant today! I am so nervous, very early in my pregnancy after m/c’s and love the mantra. I think I might have to start chanting it too! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderfully healthy pregnancy, my dear!


  10. I was just checking through my post from long ago on ttc about blogs and noticed I hadnt seen you around much!! WHAT A GREAT REASON!! CONGRATS!!!! I hope everything goes perfect for you!!!

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