Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 7, 2009

Jealousy,Envy, Disgust,the one week wait, and hope

I am sooooo jealous.  There were three patients in the office today, who got their ultrasounds.


Anyway, patient #1: 6 weeks 3 days(just like me) got to see her little one.  Poor thing could barely function.  She had the all day morning sickness thing going on.  I’m jealous.

Patient #2:last OB check, had being trying to get pregnant for 10 years.  Now, at 40, she is pregnant with triplets.  And sooo sooo happy.  I am happy for her.

Now, Patient #3: First IVF after secondary infertility.  She is also pregnant with triplets.  This is the one,who when she found out she had triplets, started wailing:”But I thought it was only a 1% chance for triplets!!!”

I tried to explain “Sweetie, you are that 1%”

So, every ultrasound since then, she has been hoping against hope that one of the triplets had “vanished” or “died”.  It’s kind of sick really.  My doc offered her a chance to reduce, but she refuses.  So every week, she just hopes that one or two are gone. 

So sick.

I swear, I will be so glad when she is done and dismissed to her ob/gyn.

It’s so sad, because there are so many women who would LOOOOOOOOOVE to be in her place. 

Anyway, I am waiting.  7 days until my birthday and 7 days until I get to see my little gummy bear/jelly bean/sweet pea.  I am trying to speak only positivity into the universe right now.

C-Dub has a job interview on Thursday! A friend of his owns a company that writes resumes for people.  So, he re wrote C-Dub’s for FREE and he sent it out.  The same day, he got the interview!  I am soooo excited.  It’s paying more than he has EVER made. 


I am afraid to be hopeful.    Just like with the ultrasound next week.

But, I am going to put it out there……..

C-Dub WILL get this job.

Next week, I will see my baby’s heart beating.

I will.  Because today I am pregnant, I am pregnant today.  I WILL be pregnant next week.  I WILL see my Baby’s Heartbeat.  I WILL have a happy healthy nine months.

I WILL meet my precious, happy, healthy baby in November.

I WILL!!!!



  1. Yes – you will. And – ack to that lady. just ack.

  2. You will!

  3. Amen Sistah – Speak it all into existence!!

    And you are so right, I would give my left baby toe to be in ol’girls position.

  4. That is sick. I want to smack her. I wish you had. What an idiot. I’m trying like hell just to get one, and she’s complaining about being too successful? If she didn’t want multiples, why the hell did she even do IVF? I’m so pissed, I don’t even know what I’m capable of right now. What a bitch.

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