Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 14, 2009

I couldn’t sleep all night.

I tossed and turned, dreaming of how the ultrasound could go, or not go.

But, I popped up this morning when the alarm went off, got dressed and was ready to go by 7am(the appointment wasn’t until 845.)

So, we drive up there, get to the office, fill out some forms, and the wait begins.

We waited to get  out of the waiting room.

The first nurse, took my urine, my weight(I refused to look at it, I actually turned around backwards on the scale.  Why stress myself out more?)

So anyway, then, we waited in the ultrasound wait room after it was determined that I was over 7 weeks, and therefore worthy of a ultrasound.

We waited then for about 15 minutes, then we got called in.

I got undressed from the waist down, got on the table, and scooted down to the edge, ready for the dildo cam.

By this time, my heart is beating out of my chest.

So, in goes the dildo cam and……..


I mean really, he or she looks like a peanut.  And as I has my eyes glued on it, I could see the little flicker of the heart even before she said, “want to hear the heartbeat?”

The sound that then filled the room was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard! 144 beats per minute.  Oh, it was so wonderful.  I feel sooooo much better.

I am trying to upload the photo, but I haven’t gotten to the scanner yet, but I will!

My baby is there!  I think the ultrasound tech thought I was crazy the way I was crying and carrying on.

But C-Dub understood.  The whole time, he just kept saying, it’s alright.  It’s alright.

And yes it is!!!

The Peanut measured exactly 7 weeks 4 days, so they made my official due date November 27th.

It’s ironic that it’s the day after Thanksgiving.  Last year, the day before Thanksgiving, we found out we had the lost our first baby.  It’s like God is trying to replace a bad memory with a good one.  I feel so blessed.

This has been the best birthday ever!

But, wait……..C-Dub got a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s only part time now, but it has the potential for full time in a few months. 

I am sooo excited! And he has another interview tomorrow for a full time one! He doesn’t know if he wants to go, but I said, GO! The new job doesn’t start until Monday!

Like my momma always said, God will pour you out a blessing that you won’t have room to receive.

God has been so good to me today.  I feel so blessed!!!!!!


  1. WooHoo!!!! Happy Birthday Girl! I’m so happy for you and C-Dub! A Thanksgiving baby indeed! You are pregnant!!!!!!! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

  2. First off Happy Birthday hon

    Secondly….you had me in tears reading that post! CONGRATS that your lil peanut is hanging in tight!!! WOOHOO – YOU ARE PREGGERS!

    Thirdly..Congrats on hubby getting the job and lots of luck sent for his interview tomorrow!

    Boy oh Boy …when it rains it pours!


  3. woohoo! My eyes are filled with tears of joy for you and for C-Dub (ha I feel so silly calling him that)! Anyhow, I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see the U/S!

  4. Oh, I am so happy for you!! yay!!! oh, and happy birthday!!

  5. AWESOME!!! What a day to get good news! Time to celebrate!

  6. I knew it would work out! Fantastic! I am a Nov. 20th baby! 🙂 I am also glad for hubby- God really does know how to pour it on thick and make us extremely grateful… peanut one day… real baby you can see in 3d the next- it is sooo cool (and regardless of what people say- worth the $ too!) Keep us posted on all of it! Happy birthday chic!

  7. Happiest of birthdays to you! You share a birthday with my mom, so that makes it extra special to me right now. (extra mommy vibes going out to you) I’m so happy for you and C-Dub!

  8. Happy Birthday — I’m so, so happy for you!

  9. Oh, this is such a wonderful update! I am smiling from ear to ear right now. What a wonderful birthday present for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I was just thinking about you this morning while I was getting ready. I’m so excited to read this update!!!!!!!

  10. Girl you made me cry!!

    Praise God, Praise God, PRAISE GOD!!!

  11. Can it get any better? What a fantastic day. Congrats.

  12. I’m late for the party -but sooooooo happy for you!!!!

    contrats – birthday, baby and job!

  13. Sickness is a good sign of a sticky bun!!!!
    Happy Birtday!!!!

  14. Congrats on a wonderful ultrasound! Guess what? We have the same due date!! So exciting!! Have a great weekend!

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