Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 20, 2009



Last week, while I was getting dressed for work, I tried on 6 bras. 

None fit.

So, I put on the one I thought fit the best, and off the work I went.  By the time lunch time  came, I was in misery.  So, I ventured over to Motherhood maternity and broke down and asked to be measured.

Now keep in mind, I am a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee.  I can go without a bra, and no one would ever suspect it.  My boobs are perfect.  They sit just right.

That is, until the 8th week of pregnancy.

So, I’ve been a 36 B forever.  FOREVER!

They measured me and…..

38 D.

What the hell!!!???

Oh my GOD!!!!!!

I didn’t believe her until I tried on the bras and they fit perfectly.


Will they keep growing? I’m only in my 2nd month!  What about when I breastfeed?

I’m scared.  My boobs are taking over the world.

Well, at least my chest.



  1. Enjoy it while ya got it, I say! I’d also remind Hubby that if he ever wanted to see them again….well, he’d just best mind his p’s and q’s.

  2. I found your blog through IComLeavWe! I am glad I read back. First of all congratulations!! I can totally relate to that post about your DH and his friend…and his “mistake”. If you have any advice let me know. Also where did you take that great picture from your header? Take care and I wish you NOTHING but the best.

    PS – I have such great respect for nurses.

  3. Thanks Fashionably Infertile! I took that photo in Jamaica. Ahhhhhh Jamaica…..

  4. Haha! Welcome to the club sweetie. Although it’s been many years since I could fit into a D. I tried on a DDD over the weekend and my cups raneth over. A lot! Good luck with the girls!

  5. Well at least they don’t sag.. mine are bigger too but nothing like that… I was a 34B (barely) prior and now I am just loosening my bras and taking them off as soon as I get home… with 2 months left I refuse to buy anything else labeled “maternity”. I think you might lose some after you breastfeed… maybe they won’t sag then.. lol… you look great though… you are so blessed!

  6. Say what you will about the Rack O’ Doom, but that tank is beautiful, and I think it showcases your new boobies wonderfully. 🙂 I would like to buy new bras, but I’m only five weeks, and so afraid that the chest expansion is only getting started. Maybe a nice stretchy sports bra for around the house?

  7. Girl those boobies are BEAUTIFUL!!! LOL

  8. Ugh, I feel you (well, not literally of course). I’ve gone from a 34DD to a 36DDD and I’m not even 6 weeks.

    Our boobs will indeed take over the world!

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