Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 25, 2009

I know somebody is probably getting tired of these posts but….

today I have no symptoms.



I am not peeing a lot.

I am not nauseated.

I am not super hungry.

My boobs don’t hurt.

Haven’t noticed any excessive discharge.

No dizziness.

I’m not tired.

It’s just so abrupt.

Like the last time.

I am sooooo afraid.

Soooo worried.

Am I pregnant today?



  1. You are still pregnant, until you are told otherwise. Don’t panic sweet pea. Think pregnant thoughts. Does your unit have an u/s machine or a doppler? Run over and borrow it. Only suggestions I can offer, hon. *think, think, think*

  2. I like what Nina said, “you are pregnant until you are told otherwise.”

    I was pregnant with twins and did not have symptoms some days, so it doesn’t indicate anything.


    I could have written this post today. If Shelby isn’t puking, bloated, or miserable, I’m in a state of panic. We even tried to find a OBGYN that would do an ultrasound on the weekend.

    We’re panicked for no reason at all and just want reassurance. I feel your worry, let’s wait it out together.

    I agree with others, “you’re pregnant until proven otherwise” but MAN IT’S HARD.
    -Mr. Shelby

  4. Nobody is getting tired of these posts. This is what we are here for. Of course it is scary. Please keep talking to us about it. I am holding you in my heart today.

  5. You are SOOOOOO pregnant today My Friend!

    *Big Giant Hug*

  6. Just breathe sweetie. Don’t forget to breathe.


  7. I agree with the others: pregnant until proven otherwise. Hang in there — I know how hard the first weeks when there’s nothing to outwardly indicate pregnancy are.

  8. Yep – PUPO is the word of the day 🙂

    I feel your pain on this though, Shelby and I are desperate for constant feedback. Thank god that our doctors accommodate our many “WE NEED A U/S RIGHT NOW” from time to time.

    Mr. Shelby

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