Posted by: Rose's Daughter | April 27, 2009

Today was a good day…..

Ahhhhh, today was one of the best days of my life.

I got up, went to work today.

C-Dub, got up and went to work today!  And guess what…….They didn’t even make him pee in a cup!!!!!


He loved his first day, I loved his first day.    My hubby is making money!!!

And on the pregnancy front… morning sickness symptoms returned in full force today. 


God is good.

Thank God.


  1. ICLW…

    Happy dual income day!

    I think the fertiles would think that we’re crazy to embrace our unpleasant pregnancy symptoms — but we’ve earned them!

  2. yay, so happy for you BOTH!

  3. Woo HOO!!! Sounds like an amazing day. *big hugs*

  4. Did you ever think you’d be so happy to be sick to your stomach? Yay for you!

  5. Yeah, I know. It feels weird to be celebrating a puke-a-thon, but that’s exactly what we’re doing! Happy Puke-a-thon to me…

  6. Happy puke-a-thon to you, happy puke-a-thon to everyone…Happy puke-a-thon to us. I’m a sick, sick, sick individual, I know.

  7. Cheers to having a great day!!!

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