Posted by: Rose's Daughter | May 18, 2009

I’m coming out…..

So, I outed myself at work today.

Why do I feel so exposed?

Why do I feel like now, everything will go down hill?

Everyone’s reactions were great.  No worries there.

But again, why do I feel so exposed?



  1. Because you’re afraid to tell people in case everything takes a shit. I know. I’m there now, too. I had to tell everyone at work. The day I flunked my 1st hpt, they tried to throw me in a total joint room with cement. I didn’t have a choice. I’ve still not told my parents, my husband still hasn’t told his. Deep breaths. I’m with ya, hon.

  2. I am a week behind you and so totally unprepared to be out at work. Part of it is the “what if it all goes south?” issue Nina mentioned. But it is also that there will be shrieking and excitement and happy baby talk and I am just not in happy baby mode, I am in scared and overwhelmed baby mode and I Just Don’t Want To Talk About It. It just seems like my colleagues will be in such a different emotional universe than me about it and there will likely be little communication possible across them. And that means a lot of comments which will annoy me even though they are well-meant (e.g. “Enjoy your rest now, there won’t be much when the baby comes” – like I care when I am on pregnancy #5, baby #0).

    So all I can say is that I am very impressed with your courage in coming out.

  3. What a HUGE step. Such a “normal” thing to do, and I know that you are probably feeling far from normal. Ditto that you are very courageous. I can’t believe that baby Dub is the size of a plum–that seems HUGE! Just keep taking care of yourself–whatever that has to look like for you. 🙂

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