Posted by: Rose's Daughter | May 29, 2009

14 weeks

So, I just kind of sorta outed myself on Facebook.  Now, I didn’t post in my status “I’m pregnant” or anything.  I just posted a photo of me holding my bump “looking” kind of pregnant.  Ha Ha.  I admit, I’m a chicken.  People are going to start finding out.  I might as well give them a hint.  I guess.  Now I wish I could take the picture off. 

Oh well.

Today, we are 14 weeks!!! Yeah!

I am starting to wander more into the baby sections of stores.  Browsing.  I still can’t bring myself to buy anything.  But I look.  I am planning to start cleaning out “the room” this weekend.


I am getting more comfortable saying, “when the baby comes.”

I am starting to save for maternity leave.

I am going to start exercising again, because hey, this baby seems like he/she is firmly lodged in there.

C-Dub and I had an interesting conversation last night about parenting.

I am getting more comfortable saying “I am pregnant.”

Wow.  I’ve come a long way.


I still check my underwear obsessively.

I still poke at my boobs on any given day to see if they are still sore.

I enjoy indigestion and heartburn.

I still have the obsessive need to check for the baby’s heartbeat every other minute.

I still think….what if?????

So, three steps forward, one step back.

But it’s OK.

Positive thinking.

Because today I am pregnant.  I am pregnant today.  I will be pregnant tomorrow, and next week, and next month…….you get my drift.



  1. You’re really reminding me of Mel’s recent BlogHer post about pregnancy announcements after infertility–did you read it?

    I know one thing–you sure don’t take anything for granted. A gift and a curse. I hope that babyDub feels more and more secure to you as the weeks go on–the thoughts and prayers aren’t easing up on this end.

  2. Yay for 14 weeks!!

    Yay for coming out !!

    You’re beautiful!!

    Your in this for the long haul Mama – keep walking on faith!!

  3. so wait, your boobies still hurt? Mines just stopped hurting and I figured it was all a product of getting in to the 2nd Trimester. I dont have a doppler….so I’m really standing on faith here…..ack!

  4. B Mom, some days they do, some days they don’t.
    Becoming Whole:I just read the post on Blogher. That’s exactly how I feel!

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