Posted by: Rose's Daughter | June 5, 2009

15 weeks 1 day

Ahhh, 15 weeks down, 25 to go!

Wow, 25 weeks seems so far away!!

But I’m happy I saw my little one this week.  But seriously, I think I need a Doppler.



  1. Dude, I am only 8.5 weeks, and I am thinking of renting a doppler. (Like maybe a month from now!) I like the idea of being able to hear the hearbeat. Very reassuring to me.

  2. I had the gel in my hand yesterday. I’m 11.5 weeks and I decided that I just couldn’t do that to myself. What if I couldn’t hear the FHT? Nah, I just need to wait for the U/S. Those dopplers are very finicky, you know. And the only ones I have access to right now are the vascular ones. Not as sensitive. Not worth a visit to the nuthouse to try to use. I got an appt on Tue.

  3. Not to be the Devil’s Advocate, ladies, but In Vitro Veritas has one and loves it.

    Just sayin’.

  4. I feel the exact same way. A doppler would be GREAT!! But not sure if you can hold out, but you should be feeling your little one move in a week or 2 or 3…so if you can hold out…you’ll be rewarded with feeling your baby’s movements. That’s kinda how I’m looking at it.

  5. Early on I really thought I wanted a doppler, but then I was so nauseous all the time I knew all was okay. When the nausea went away though, I debated it again, but as my gut keeps getting bigger, I figure all must be well. I think dopplers are a totally cool idea an dif they help reassure you, go for it. I just opted out this time cuz right now I’m having other good signs so taking them and hoping I keep getting more:-)

  6. I opted out… the movement and indigestion will come and you will know. If baby doesn’t move for a while you will be like me trying to find a hand or foot to tap just to make baby adjust so that you know baby is still okay.

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