Posted by: Rose's Daughter | June 8, 2009


I forgot.

A co-worker today, asked if she could touch my belly.

Now, first of all, I don’t really have one.  I have a bump.

You know, a “I ate too much pizza and now I have gas” belly.

But she wanted to touch it.

Can I just say I was a little freaked out?

No make that WAAAAAY freaked out!

Oh gross!

And if one more person asks if I want a girl or a boy and asks surprised when I say it doesn’t matter, I will scream!!!

OK, enough complaining.

Just had to get that off of my chest.



  1. I hear you sister!

  2. Yeah, I had to endure my co-worker of the oops! pregnancy talk about how she was disappointed (!!!!!) that she was having a girl (wtf?).

    Just ask if you can touch THEIR bellies…I’ll probably never be pregnant, but I’ve always wanted to do this…

  3. My mother in law insisted on rubbing my (upper) belly the other day exclaiming that she “saw a pooch”. I told her it wasn’t a legitimate baby bump, and that I was just fat. She said, “Noooo that’s my grandbaby!” and I thought, “Nooo, that’s a CHEESEBURGER.”

    Ah, well. She’s just excited I guess. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her grandbaby was actually nested comfortably behind my pelvic bone, and not in the fat pocket under my boobs.

  4. a co worker today noticed my belly for the first time and I quite enjoyed it, even though it’s like a bump still too…

  5. Oh, I had someone rub my upper belly which was really all fat roll. It was so weird and uncomfortable that I actually straight up told her that she was rubbing my fat roll. She protested a lot, “Oh no, you are definitely showing!” This was just before 20 weeks and I tried to explain to her that my uterus had not even reached my belly button yet and everything above that, which is what she was rubbing, was definitely fat. The conversation got so bad that I actually grabbed my fat roll and jiggled it for her for effect.

    Yeah, two weeks later? She rubbed my fat roll AGAIN. Some people!

  6. Yeah the asking to touch the belly gets worse. It didn’t bother me as long as I had clothes on and I think it is neat for people to feel him move but that is just me. I am soo jealous you get ultrasounds at work. Make sure you are getting pictures though!

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