Posted by: Rose's Daughter | June 11, 2009

another look…….

Ah yes, here I am on the Eve of 16 weeks.

16 weeks!

So exciting!

So, I decided it was time for another look at the little one.

He/she will still not give up the goods!

My little one is sitting breech right now just wiggling and squirming around in there.  I always get a good look at the face though.

But today, we discovered something new……an extra lobe on the placenta.  It’s called a succenturiate lobe of the placenta.

I really wasn’t worried about that per say, it’s just the way the baby is lying in there.  He/she seems to be stuck on that lobe! Really, it’s like that lobe has the baby’s head trapped between it and the rest of the placenta..  It’s really creeping me out and worrying me.  The baby moves everything like it should, is growing like it should, but it just looks freaky and uncomfortable for my little Baby Dub.  I’m a little worried.

See, this is why you shouldn’t sneak ultrasounds while at work.



  1. I’m just so glad that you have access to such great care. A normal appointment might not have caught this. And even though there doesn’t look like there’s anything to worry about, I’m of the mind that I’d rather know than not know. Try not to stress about it too much. 16 weeks! Yay!

  2. I’m hugging you My Friend.

    I’m also keeping you, C-Dub & Baby Dub lifted in prayer.

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