Posted by: Rose's Daughter | June 29, 2009


OK really?  I am sooooo happy to be pregnant.  I am so grateful everyday that I wake up pregnant, with a growing, wiggling baby in my belly.

But hell.  Being fat is no joke.

I don’t care that I’m getting fat for a reason.

I don’t care that “supposedly” I will loose most of this weight postpartum while breastfeeding( yeah right.  That only happens to skinny girls)

No, I don’t feel sexy, no, I don’t feel like Earth Mother, No, I am not embracing my new girth.

And hell, I’m only 18 weeks! How am I going to deal with 40?!?!?!?!

I know I shouldn’t care, but after spending the last 15 or so years obsessing about my weight, it’s kind of hard to stop.

Oh well, just my fat girl vent for the day.

But I am grateful, thankful, and very happy to be here. 

I just needed to vent.

Oh, and P.S.

Go on over and keep Brown-Eyed Girl some company while she is in labor!  Good luck girl!!!!!



  1. feel ya on the fat issue. I also obsessed about weight pre-pregnancy and admit I still do right now. I have a feeling you probably aren’t really that bad. I think we’re the most crictical of ourselves. I’ve been starting to feel better when people comment on how tiny I am. Yeah right, I look like a house!

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