Posted by: Rose's Daughter | July 25, 2009

22 weeks 1 day

22 weeks and 1 day.  13 days until viability.  Hmmmmmmmmmm

OK, moving on!

As a 22 week gift, my baby boy decided to let Mommy know that yes, I am here.  All day yesterday, I felt kicks, kicks and more kicks.  I mean, is he practicing running in there?  Jumping on a trampoline(my bladder perhaps)? Joining a fight club?  It’s weird, but great at the same time.  Reassurance!!!!  All Day Long!!!!

I love it. 

C-Dub and I went to a concert last night.  If anyone loves R&B, we saw Babyface and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.  We saw it at Chastain, a wonderful wonderful outdoor theater here in Atlanta.  Everyone brings food, and candles, and wine and it’s just one big party.  I loved it.  Despite the fact that I could hardly move around because my feet and ankles had become cankles.  I mean really, my toes looked like little Vienna sausages.  This is getting bad folks.  All the doctors and nurses at work swear I’m not going to make it to my due date.  They are all worried about pre-eclampsia.  But my blood pressure is good, even if I am spilling a little protein in my urine(my little secret).  Now, why I have my own selfish reasons for wanting to deliver the week before my due date(yes, I want to eat REAL Thanksgiving food, not that crap they serve in the hospitals), I really would like my baby to stay in until mid November at least.


I am going to attempt, once more today, to clean out the nursery.  ONCE AGAIN! I just cleaned the kitchen and moped the floor, and I had to sit down.  Damn. 

Anyway.  I am going to try to get over to Babies R us today to look at nursery stuff.  I am dragging C-Dub with me.  Maybe I won’t freak out this time if I have support.


  1. Mine is either going to be the next Joe Nedney (kicker for the Titans) or he’s gonna be David Beckham. Or just have Restless Legs Syndrome. I’m kinda liking the athlete idea better.

  2. Hooray for kicking and 22 weeks!

    I highly recommend going to small, local baby stores instead of BRU. Even at the tiny local store DH was overwhelmed. I’m trying to go the whole pregnancy (and their whole lives) without going to BRU.

  3. this just made me smile!!! Hooray for you and baby!!!

  4. Babies need a lot of stuff, I guess. It sounds like fun to me. 😉

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