Posted by: Rose's Daughter | August 10, 2009

just another day…..

This weekend of was uneventful.  I laid on the couch all day Saturday.  Did absolutely nothing. 

C-Dub finally got to feel the baby kicking away at about 3 am.  We just laid there in the dark, waiting for the Boy to show Daddy how strong he was getting.  Really neat.

Sunday, I went to Babies R Us and completed my registry.  Finally.  I think.  We went out to dinner, then came home and crashed.

Nothing else new really.  The Boy is kicking away, giving me LOTS of reassurance every day.  Some days he starts early, some days he starts late.  But he always lets me know he’s there!

Oh, and the swelling continues.  It’s mainly one sided.  I wonder if that means anything?



  1. What’s your urine look like? Protein? Checked your liver enzymes? It’s early, but how’s your BP? None of my business, I’m just going through the possibilities. I hope everything’s ok!

    • being me, I’ve been checking on most of this since 4 weeks ago.
      BP: Normal for now. I run 100s to 110s/ 60s
      liver enzymes: not yet. But I have a ob appointment on Friday. One look at my tree trunks and I have a feeling she might check!

  2. Oh, I hope everything’s ok!!! (Cue anxious bouncing) What about clonus? Keep me posted!!

  3. Take it easy Mama!

  4. Beautiful!!!

    Kick away baby!

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