Posted by: Rose's Daughter | August 31, 2009

It’s all coming together!

Sooo, the massive amount of swelling went down after a few days.


No word yet on the results of the 1 hour glucose test.  Hmmmmm, why do I have the feeling I failed?

C-Dub started on the nursery this weekend.  He did one wall a day.

Wow.  How………….lazy.

He still has two walls to go.  He claims it was because I made him steam clean the carpet yesterday. 

Yeah whatever.

But then today, the crib arrived,

Nursery furniture 001


Oh. My.God.

This is getting real.  🙂

We got the glider last month,

Nursery furniture 006

I’m only 4 days away from the 3rd trimester!!!!!!!!!

My bff called and told me the date for my Baby shower.


It’s all coming together people!!!!



  1. How exciting! So glad things are going well. Keeping fingers crossed that you get good results from the GTT!

  2. uh, you’re making me realize I need to get on the ball, since we’re so close to 3T. lol. (I think I’m about 10 days behind you). I have yet to order the crib!!!

  3. Girl you’ve got me sitting here with a big stupid grin my face!!

    I’m so excited for you & C-Dub! And give him break, he’ll get it together sooner or later. 🙂

  4. Wow! Maybe C-Dub is just overwhelmed? Maybe? 🙂

    So glad the swelling went down.

  5. Nah, he’s not overwhelmed. Any self-respecting man can put together a crib and paint in less than a day. He’s just afraid you’ll tell all his friends how excited he is to be playing with baby stuff! So, in a typically y-chromosomal fashion, he’s dragging his feet.

  6. I suggest getting out the tools yourself, and let him catch you reading the instructions. Or climbing up the step-ladder to paint. He’ll get his ass in gear.

    • I tried. But Lord, I’m tired. he’s supposed to do some tonight. He promised it would be done by Friday……it’s Tuesday……..

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