Posted by: Rose's Daughter | September 4, 2009

28 weeks, or the Third Trimester

I can’t believe that I am here, beginning my 3RD TRIMESTER of this pregnancy.


Soooooo, Ins and Outs of 28 weeks.

What’s IN:

Hip pain, leg pain, back pain: need I say more?

Longer hair:  Really, I mean REALLY.

Fetal Kick counts: Oh yes, just one more thing to obsess over!

Feverish planning: I only have 12 weeks left!!!

Hourly bathroom breaks: Is my bladder getting smaller?

The Nursery!!!!: Yes, C-Dub finally finished last night.  It’s looks so nice!!!!! I’m so glad I didn’t have to maim my husband!

The Baby name game: Yes we have a list of names.  But he won’t get a name until after he’s born.  C-Dub has a firm belief that you have to see a child to give him a name. Hmmmmmm.  OK, since I like all the names on the list, I’ll go for it.

What’s Out:

I can’t see my feet anymore: I hope my pedicure looks ok!

Shaving: I am still at a loss to know what I should do about this one.  Too much hair=a jungle.  A Jungle is not cool.


Well, my mother and father are coming this weekend to help us get a few things together( like cleaning a few other rooms in the house that I just can’t get to) and for pampering!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mommy’s cooking, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Have a good weekend everyone! I know I will!!!!

28 weeks 005



  1. so, I’m claiming the 3T this weekend when I hit 27 weeks. =) the jungle question, good one. I dont know what to do about my “situation” either.

  2. Enjoy your mom’s cooking! So glad that C-Dub won’t have to get maimed! 🙂

  3. Oh girl, look at that picture! I’m so proud of you!

  4. You’re beautiful MyFriend!! 🙂

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