Posted by: Rose's Daughter | September 9, 2009

28 weeks 5 days OB checkup

So, today, I had my regular fly by OB appointment.


Weight: Let’s just say, it’s getting up there.  Far more than I wanted it to!

Glucose Screening: Passed with flying colors despite the fact that I had eaten breakfast about an hour and a half before the test, and a Pear on the way there.

Heartbeat: 160s.  He’s a feisty little thing.

Blood pressure: Totally normal. 110/64.

Swelling: None.  Even after I had bacon(real bacon) for breakfast and chinese food for lunch.  Why is it when you go to the doctor, the one symptom you want to talk about is a no show?

Next Appointment: two weeks!  I’ve moved into the every two week zone!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh, bliss.

Tune in for the next battle:

Getting C-Dub to put up the damn crib!



  1. hey, I had my 27 week appt and my next appt is in a month. It’s only then that I start my every 2 weeks appt.

  2. p.s. I got a da vinci parker 4 in 1 crib in coffee color. =) Cant wait to set it up. Congrats on passing your glucose test! me 2!

  3. So glad everything (except the swelling) is ok! Good luck with the battle of the baby-crib.

  4. 2 thumbs up!

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