Posted by: Rose's Daughter | September 12, 2009




That extra piece is for when you convert the bed to a day bed.

And of course, it can’t stay by the window.  But I’ll fight that battle another day!

Ahhhh, now I can start on the border……….



  1. How exciting setting up the nursery 🙂

  2. Huray! It’s beautiful!

  3. I thought this was going to be a much longer battle! Congrats!

  4. The crib looks beautiful! Hooray for hubby for getting it put together!

  5. It is pretty. And the fact that it didn’t take that long tells me that he and my husband could have come from the same womb, when it comes to getting their asses in gear. I’m waiting to hear the sound of paint cans being opened now. *cricket….cricket*

  6. It’s beautiful MyFriend!!

  7. hey, we set up our crib this weekend and we’ve got that extra piece too. lol. Right now, mine is hiding behind the crib. =) Your crib looks great!!

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