Posted by: Rose's Daughter | September 13, 2009

The Very Top

After yesterday’s Victory, I think C-Dub has lost his mind.

Exhibit A:

He went to play golf yesterday evening and stayed out waaaaaaay too long.  Way too long just for golf.  But ok.  Whatever.  A man needs him time., and  he returned with food.

Exhibit B:

At 1130 this morning, he goes and plays another round of golf.  And this after I had a sleepless night. I had a bad case of insomnia and finally got a short nap in around 4 this morning.  My godmother happened to call me around then and this fool sneaked off while I was on the phone!!! Just whispered that he was going to play golf and sneaked out the door before I could ask any questions or offer my opinion.

Bitch ass.

Exhibit C:

He then comes home( I am napping by now) and a few hours later, asks me if his friend E could come over.


“Ummmm, he should be here in a few minutes.”

Are you fucking kidding me??????????????

What was the point in asking me if he was already on the way?????????

I don’t feel well, I’ve been feeling an uncontrollable hunger/nausea all day.  I haven’t straightened up the house, and I know he hasn’t.  But whatever, his sorry ass, just divorced, trifling,no good,  jobless friend is on his way over to watch football and eat the up the grilled pork chops.

Oh joy.

Yeah, he’s on the top of my shit list today.  

The VERY top.


edited later:

Now he tells me that they are going to play pool and watch the late game.

Should I kill him?



  1. Don’t kill him MyFriend, he’s obviously going through “something” right now. Reality is kicking him in the ass!!

    If he continues going through “something”, THEN you can kick him ass! 😉

  2. The Mrs is a lot more lenient than I would be. 😉

  3. I say maim him for life, and scare his friend with your hormones.

  4. ah hubbies…gotta love ’em…..(cant kill ’em). lol.

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