Posted by: Rose's Daughter | September 30, 2009

Ramblings of a bored unemployed 31 weeker.

So I got my severance pay today.  And since I manipulated a few things, I got almost all of it.  Which means it stretches out to 3 paychecks instead of 2.  So now, I am working on the budget of all budgets!  Keeping in mind, that we still have to buy the car seat before the baby gets here. 

I feel better now that I have that money.  My only problem will be to keep from spending it all at once.  Discipline!!! 

Nothing else really new in pregnancy land.  The baby doesn’t move half as much as he used to, and it worries me most of the time, but I keep trying to remind myself that he’s running out of room in there.  I still tend to sit down and do my kick counts just to make sure.  He’s slow about it, but he usually gets his kicks in on time.

Other than that, I  am spending a lot of time cleaning,organizing and taking naps.  C-Dub’s birthday was yesterday, I baked him a cake and got him some Popeye’s chicken.  So sad.

My baby shower is next week.  I’m looking forward to it even though my mother in law is coming.  It’s not that I don’t like her.  Really.  I just like her from a distance.  Is that wrong?   I mean,she’s not going to bring anything.  She just wants to be here I guess.  My mother is also coming, so I guess it’s fair?  But my mother did contribute a crib, mattress, and no telling what else she’s been hording and not telling me. 

Anyway, that’s all for today.  I’m waiting for the electrician to come because wouldn’t you know it, three outlets in out master bath and the guest bath are out.  They are like the cable company too, they come between 12 and 3. 




  1. Aw, Po’thang! it will get better…and don’t worry I like my MIL from a f…a…r as well. 🙂

  2. *Big hug MyFriend*
    And I’m in the same boat with you & GG on the MIL tip! 😉

  3. i feel you on the liking MIL from a distance. I’m the exact same way.

  4. My sympathies about the MIL. And congrats on the $$$. 🙂

  5. Hell, I wouldn’t even like mine if she moved to China, but I might be happier if she did. Hmmmm…..*checking bank account to see what it would take to move her there. Dammit, I’m broke*

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