Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 6, 2009



In the midst of this crisis, C-Dub is talking about quitting his job.


Points for me, I managed to stay calm and talk him down using reason:

a: you have a baby on the way

b: your wife has no job

I should have known this was coming.  C-Dub is notorious for loving a job for a few months, then deciding he hates it around month 6( he’s right on time).  He’s also been making “noises” about being unsatisfied at work.  But I put it off to the fact that he never got a good training, he’s never done this kind of work before, and it’s just a new situation.  I understand the frustration.  I was there last year when I was the only one working and hated my job.  But I made sure not to quit one job without having another! And even then, I worked TWO jobs until he got one!!!!!!

He had the nerve to say that McDonald’s would be better than the job he has now.

OK: $45,000/year vs maybe $15,000??????

Once again:


I can just feel my blood pressure going up.  This on top of me not feeling well all day.  I’ve been so lethargic and sleepy that I am worrying a little. And then he tried to make me feel guilty about wanting to order a pizza tonight instead of cooking because we need to save money. I KNOW this.  But I am willing splurge tonight on a $15  pizza to keep us from eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or cooking.


Can I just scream? Curse him out when he gets home? Strangle him in his sleep and get the insurance money?

I.Do.NOT. Need. This.Right.Now.



  1. Well, that depends…how much insurance money are we talking here?


  2. ROFLMAO @ Quiet Dreams!!! 🙂 🙂

    C-Dub is OBVIOUSLY going through it right now…..he’s got me speechless on this one!

    Sending you lots of love!
    *Big Hug*

  3. Guys can really suck. They have no idea how stressful pregnancy is and they always want to add their bullshit to the pile!

  4. You know men can be dicks …literally… He needs to be beat with rocks in a sock… 😉 . Just igg him for now and let him know that THIS IS HOW THINGS ARE RIGHT NOW…HIM WORKING YOU HAVING A BABY. Man up a deal.

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