Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 12, 2009


I am so damn uncomfortable.

I sit on the couch, my back hurts.

I lay on the couch: my back, my hip and my belly hurts from the pressure of leaning to one side.

I lay in the bed, and just can’t get comfortable.

I walk around, and feel like there is a bowling ball in my crotch, or that my belly is going to just come off, it’s so damn heavy.

My feet are swollen.  They hurt.

I’m just tired.

I haven’t slept well since last Wednesday night.  I coughed all night last night.

I’ve got stress incontinence.  I laugh too hard or cough to hard and ………..

So you can imagine last night.

Today I am just so sore from coughing.  And I keep contracting on and off.  Not Braxton Hicks! The REAL thing. 

Since I drank a ton of water and laid on my side, they are gone, but I’m leaking everywhere and just damn tired.

I’m sorry that this post is all about complaining.  I know I should be happy and grateful and nesting and all.  But DAMNIT! I am so over this!!! And I have 7 more weeks!!!!!! 😦



  1. Leaking? UNCONTROLLABLY LEAKING??? Ummmmm….coughing violently? Contractions? You’re certain you haven’t broken the egg? Just worried. Hope it’s nothing, sweets!

  2. I’m with Nina AND you’re a labor & delivery nurse…..are you sure Baby Dub isn’t trying to come into this world early?!
    PLEASE call your midwife, cause you’ve got me in panic!!!

  3. Naw everyone, it’s just the bladder.

  4. What about a UTI? Please call the nurse!

  5. (((shaking head)))….I feel for ya. I hope the next several week go by quickly and all your symptoms ease up on you. Just think for this kind of discomfort will end with a prize…. Oh I hope you stop all the leaking also.
    GG 😉

  6. Oh sweetie, I wish I could tell you that it’s going to get better…..but it’s not. Hang in there! You’re almost at the finish line! 😀

  7. Hoping the your discomfort has passed or quickly passes!! Good luck!! You have an award on my blog.

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