Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 16, 2009

34 weeks

34 weeks down, 6 to go.


Ok, I’m getting excited!

What’s IN:

Contractions:   That’s right:Contractions, not Braxton Hicks.   I’ve been having a few here and there, but they started really coming last night.  I was cooking dinner, and had one.  I just sat on the floor, surprised.  2 min later, another.  5 minutes later, another.  Finally, I got a clue, laid down on the couch and proceeded to chug down a gallon of water.  (better that than IV at the hospital).  Within the hour, they gradually spaced out, and I had a couple every hour or so instead of every few minutes.  Hmmmmm.  I didn’t call the midwife because I knew what she would say:

Lay down

Drink a lot of water.

Call me back in one hour if they don’t slow down.

Yeah, being a Labor and Delivery nurse comes in handy sometimes.

I woke up this morning, and was still having a few, but much better than last night.

Gifts: They are arriving in the mail now! It’s like Christmas!!!!  One of my best and oldest friends sent the changing table I didn’t think I would get.  I LOVE her!!

Pediatrician Search: I know NOTHING about Pediatricians, except to know that I am supposed to interview one.

Lists:  I have a running list of things I still need to go out and get.  Lord, I feel like I will never be ready!!

What’s OUT:

The cold:  I finally got a humidifier, and it worked miracles in terms of me being able to sleep at night.  I didn’t need it last night at all!  The coughing remains occasionally.  I just have a lot of mucous that needs to come out(YUCK!!)

So, my goal right now is to get everything put together and organized in the next two weeks.  I want to be READY by 36 weeks.  I don’t think I am going to deliver  or anything, I just know that i am not going to feel like doing a damn thing by November.  So Halloween is the deadline to:

  • Wash all of those baby clothes and put them away.
  • Finish the nursery(ie, c-Dub needs to put up the changing table, move the glider upstairs and I need to chest of drawers).
  • Pick a pediatrician
  • Get everything else that we need to function when a baby arrives.
  • Pick a name for this child!

Hmmmmm.  At least the pack and play is up in the bedroom……………


  1. It’s almost time, so exciting!
    Take care of yourself, and take it easy.

  2. I’m so excited for you! Have fun getting everything ready!

  3. I agree, L&D knowledge can really be a blessing. Also, a curse, depending on your perspective. *sigh* But I also know that being the control freak that I am, I’d rather know than not know. Then I panic.

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