Posted by: Rose's Daughter | October 28, 2009

A day in the life

Since Sunday night, I have been contracting on and off.  Some very uncomfortable, some not so much.  It’s just getting annoying.   Like my Granny used to say, “shit or get off the pot.”

C-Dub is taking all of this very seriously and is hardly letting me go pee by myself.  I feel like I have to explain if I just want to go to freaking Target by myself.  Yesterday, I was forced to go to a “workshop” at the unemployment office only to learn that I have to go to three more “mandatory workshops” to keep getting my money.  AND I learned that pregnancy can be held against me because, (and i quote here) “we are not paying you to be pregnant.  When you have a baby, then you are obviously not looking for work, so we don’t need to pay you.”


Can you imagine the curse words that came to mind?

So afterwards, since I can’t drink, I needed Starbucks.  Sure it was raining cats and dogs, but I made my way safely to the Barnes and Noble and sat down to have a Grande Decaf Nonfat Caramel Machiatto with extra caramel syrup.

And then he calls like, “why didn’t you go straight home.”

Of course I felt like cursing him out too by that time, but I was firm instead, just saying that I wanted to.


All of this leads to C-Dub taking the day off today because I had plans to be out all day doing various baby related stuff( ob appointment, breastfeeding class).

Because obviously, I can’t be trusted by myself.


So, my first weekly fly by appointment was longer than previous ones.  It seems my office is getting the H1N1 vaccine in sometime in the next few weeks and they plan of vaccinating all of their pregnant patients.  Great…….if I really wanted one.  I’m still on the fence about that one.  Next, I had to get all sorts of info on circumcision( yes please) and cord blood donation.  Now…..cord blood donation is expensive!  I hadn’t planned on it, but will go to the website and check it out.  I gained one lovely pound this week, blood pressure was good.  Heartrate 140s.  Then I had to get the lovely GBS test done and that was that. 

We went to lunch, then off to breastfeeding 101.

Now, just cause I’m a Labor and Delivery Nurse, does not mean that I know EVERYTHING about breastfeeding.  I can tell you how to latch a baby on, but after that I am clueless.  The class was interesting and very entertaining.  I got lots of info. LOTS.

Now, I’m tired and home.  With C-Dub.

Damn, I kind of miss my alone time.



  1. Ok, is it just me or….WHY THE HELL IS HE TAKING OFF WORK WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A JOB AND YOU NEED MONEY? Sorry. My common sense ran away dragging me behind it with a rope. You deserve a small break, and that coffee thing sounds like the perfect thing. Sucks about the job thing, but what if you were able to provide proof that you were actively looking for work postpartum? Would that change things?

    • in C-Dub’s defense, it was a PAID day off.

  2. I keep meaning to pass this tip along, I think I forgot to when you were asking me about my breastfeeding experience. One thing they taught me at breast feeding class was that you don’t need fancy nipple creams. After each feeding express some milk with your fingers and rub it around your nipple and let air dry. Breast milk apparently has antiseptic properties that help soothe, heal and protect. It worked for me. 🙂

  3. 1.) Poor C-Dub, he’s a boy………boys just don’t get it!
    2.) The unemployment office is on some BULLSHIT!
    3.) Poor C-Dub, he’s a boy………boys just don’t get it!

    Love you MyFriend!! 🙂

  4. Awww C-Dub is meeee… my husband calls me the SMOTHERER 😉 . I think it’s cute that he is being all daddy trying to flex him muskles. CUTE. Won’t be long.

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