Posted by: Rose's Daughter | November 4, 2009

Just another visit to the OB……..

I went for my weekly OB appointment today.

After the standard stuff was out-of-the-way:



Group Beta Strep(GBS): Negative

Weight:No change(THANK GOD!!!)

I sat down for a chit chat with my midwife.

You see, I am miserable.  I woke up every hour, on the hour last night to pee.  Sciatica has returned, so when I first stand up, it’s like sharp stabbing pains running all down my right butt cheek and my leg.  He’s heavy.  I contract on and off whenever my body feels like it. 

Yeah. Hmmmmm

So, I kindly ask about inductions.

Now before anyone screams and yells at me about asking hear me out!

It’s not that I want to be induced this week.  Hell, not even next week.  I am just trying to wrap my mind around how much longer I am going to be this miserable.

Short answer:

Since I am GBS negative, they could strip my membranes when I am 38 weeks and see what happens.

They could check me to see if I am “favorable” after said 38 weeks and if so……maybe.

Or else, we wait until my due date, do an ultrasound to see how big he is and go from there.

Lord have mercy, I could be suffering like this for another month!



  1. I’m sorry that you’re so uncomfortable MyFriend. Do whatever you need to do, I won’t yell at you! 🙂

  2. I am sorry you are uncomfortable. I have been thinking about inductions, but for health reasons, not comfort reasons.
    I agree that you should do what you need to do to survive!

  3. The sciatica sounds horrible…hope it gets better.

  4. WOW – I could be your twin! Just as miserable for the same reasons! LOL

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