Posted by: Rose's Daughter | November 13, 2009

38 weeks gestation…..

38 weeks!!!!!!!!!

What’s IN?

Hemorrhoids: I shall call her…….mini me.  It’s so sad.  Really.  And painful.

Back pain/labor: It started yesterday.  No matter what I did (rocking on my hands and knees, counter pressure, the ball……it stayed.  It was baaaaaaaaad.  I was almost in tears.  mainly because I know that back labor can last for days.  Weeks even.  And still no baby.  Aye.

Nerves: It occurred to me that there will be a real live human being at the end of this who will need me to protect, feed, clothe, and generally take care of him for the next 18 years or so.  OMG!

What’s OUT:

My severance pay.  Yep, it’s gone.  I’m just getting those lovely government checks now. 😦

Patience: with C-Dub, with my body, with bill collectors who call daily even though I just spoke to them yesterday and explained the situation.  And speaking of which, I really don’t appreciate being asked if I could “borrow” the money from someone else to pay you.  Does it make sense to you to make new debt to pay an old one???????

Moving on!

So, I’m just waiting.  And waiting.  My next appointment is on Wednesday afternoon.  After my mandated Government “do this workshop on how to get a job or don’t get paid” appointment that morning.  I’m going to beg for something.  Anything.

We’re ready.


Do you guys realize that Thanksgiving in 13 days away???? Where did time go?



  1. *Big Giant Hug….w/my booty stuck out to give your belly room* 😉

  2. (((Hugs))) Where has the time gone?

  3. I may not get the chance to read your blog or comment every day, but I’m thinking of you all the time and keeping my fingers crossed that your labour progresses well!

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