Posted by: Rose's Daughter | December 6, 2009

just another day

If you notice, I’ve added a weight loss ticker to the sidebar.

Even though I’m not actively doing anything about it right now, I want to remind myself that as soon as the new year gets here, it will be mission:weight loss!!!

So far, by doing nothing(but breastfeeding, eating and sleeping), I’ve managed to loose 19 pounds.

Yeah me!!

In other news, nothing new.  CJ is so alert!!!

I just wish he would sleep as well at night as he does during the day.  But oh well.

Did I mention that my parents are here? Love love love my momma and daddy, but I feel like a guest in my own home.  I feel guilty just typing that. 😦

I’m starting the job search officially on tomorrow.  It makes me sad.  I really wanted to stay home for 3 months with my little pookah.

I’m aiming for part time( in the hospital, two nights a week).  But on the other hand, I really did like working Monday through Friday.  But working in the hospital again would give me more time with my pookah and his kissable cheeks.

Well, gotta go now. He’s stirring.


  1. If you go back to Surgery, it’s Mon-Fri, and you can give away your call! And they’re usually dying for circulators. Usually you can have a set schedule as well.

  2. OMG those cheeks! And I just want to nibble on those arms!

  3. OMG he’s too freaking adorable!!

  4. So cute!

  5. Such a cutie-head! I’m sooo sooo glad your son is doing well! Good luck with the job hunt!

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