Posted by: Rose's Daughter | December 28, 2009

Decisions Decisons………..


After 3 months of unemployment, I now have two, couth ’em TWO job offers.

Turns out my interview today was just a formality.  The job is mine.

So what so I do?

This position is night shift.  Part time.  That means two nights a week.  No weekends unless I want to, and a major and minor holiday committment.  It includes benefits, paid vacation, and a 403B(like a 401K).  It pays more than the other job.  I would still be working two times a week.  Just at night.  And it would be guaranteed.

If I take this position, I could potentially save on child care.   Since I wouldn’t have to work during the day.  C-Dub says he would work from home on the days after I work nights.

BUT IT’S NIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!

But I wouldn’t miss as much of my Pookah growing up.  He’ll be sleeping.  I’ll just miss night feedings. Hopefully by then he’ll be sleeping better. 

I don’t know.

And C-Dub hit me with this one today….

“Hey, maybe I can be a stay at home and be a House Husband.”

He wasn’t kidding guys.



  1. God bless husbands! I think my husband would do the same thing, if he could. Only he would want me to care for him, too!

    Good luck deciding which one to take!

  2. I say go for it! 2 nights a week with bene’s! What a great deal. I loathe leaving Baby K 4 days a week to go to work. I get to see her for a total of 30 mins a day on those days and I miss SO MUCH. MY husband is a SAH dad, and he loves it, but he wishes I was able to be with her more during the week too….
    Hard decision, but in the end, I would take the 2 night shifts. It’s not that bad once you get used to it.

  3. I think I might take the night shifts too, if C-dub is willing to handle the childcare the next day. However, the SAH dad part? After all the trouble he went through to get this great new job, and you not working the last couple of months, I believe I’d tell him: Oh hayyyyelllll no!

  4. go for the job that gives u the most time with your son….

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