Posted by: Rose's Daughter | February 2, 2010

A busy week back

Well, my first week back has come and gone. 

We survived.

Pookah started off resisting the bottle hard.  But by the end of the week, he was downing 3 ounces at a time 3 times in 8 hours.  Just like he should.  He has decided that he loves the Playtex Vent Air bottles with the slow flow nipples.  He is still resisting the pacifier though.  I can’t decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Can you say, RELIEF!

I’m soooooo relieved.  I was convinced that he would starve while I was gone.  So while he survived my first week back, so did I. 

I start my first night shift back on Friday night.  Twelve hours away from the Pookah seems like waaaaay too long.  (And that’s just the 12 hours working.  Add in travel time and that equals about 14 hours. )  I made sure he still managed to get in a bottle every day that I’ve been home.  But he still won’t take the bottle if he knows I am in the house, and he refuses to take one from me at all.  And when I get home from being out, he nurses forever. 

But this week also started the deliberate smiles he gives me when I get home.  And the obvious happiness he displays when C-Dub gets home.  He’s even starting to hold out his arms and lean towards the person he wants to hold him.

Also, he is trying to turn over, but hasn’t quite managed it yet.  He does however, hold his head up steady with no wobbling at all!

I am still being a bad mother and letting him sleep on his stomach.  Only during the day though. 

So, it’s been a busy week.  I’m exhausted really, and that is why my google reader has 347 posts to read.  So I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to anyone’s posts lately.  I’m trying to read and catch up with everyone, but it’s hard!  The only reason I keep up on Facebook and twitter is because I do it at 3 am while breastfeeding!

Anyway, got to go now.  Pookah is napping(finally, after resisting for 3 hours) and I am going to try to have some dinner and nap myself.

Until later…….



  1. he is so cute!

  2. He’s so cute!! I can’t wait till mine smiles at me on purpose. Right now, I think it’s by accident. You know what I mean.

  3. YAY for surviving the week MyFriend!! 🙂

    Your Pookah is fine & healthy, and he looks just like his Daddy!

  4. OMG those CHEEKS! So glad he’s taking the bottle now. I was pretty sure he wouldn’t starve, but I’m glad it’s a load off your mind.

  5. he is adorable! I too wanna squeeze his cheeks! Kaua is behind in holding his head up while on his tummy. He does it occasionally, but most of the time he lies there and sucks his hand. lol. Guess he’ll be a late roller/crawler….

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