Posted by: Rose's Daughter | March 16, 2010

Weighty Issues

I need to lose weight.

Since the delivery, I have lost all of my pregnancy weight plus 5 pounds.  But that pre-pregnancy/miscarriage weight is still on me.


The main problem is that I have no time.  No ME time.  Yesterday, I actually told C-Dub that for my birthday, I just want 8 hours all alone.  Eight hours of ME time.

But anyway, back to loosing weight.  I need to lose about 10 to 15 more pounds.  I’ve decided that I MUST exercise somehow, someway.  So, Pookah goes to sleep between 8 and 830.  I could go to the gym right after.  Or, I could wake up at 5 am and go before C-Dub goes to work.  So the only decision left is to decide when.  I have got to exercise.  I have got to lose the spare tire and the extra 10 pounds. 

In other news, I really am going to kill C-Dub soon………………….

And now for the Pookah….



  1. OMG he’s gorgeous! And so BIG!

  2. I have a very similar mat. He is one good lookin’ kid!

  3. i want to eat his cheeks! =)

  4. he is so cute- good luck fitting in the exercise- I’m lucky now to have time before I go back to work, but not sure how it’s going to work after. By the way, congratulations on being at 5 pounds under the pregnancy weight so soon after having a baby- that’s amazing.

  5. 1.) You’re beautiful & do whatever you need to in order to make time for yourself.
    2.) I’m really evil right now, do you need my help when you kill C-Dub?
    3.) The Pookah is RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE!

  6. You can also try exercising with Pookah…playtime for him…work out for you 😉 . Poor C-Dub ( i’m not sure he knows that at any moment he could end up on a milk carton messin’ with you 🙂 ) And Pookah is extremely cute with that smile.

  7. Ok, first, that smile, melts my heart. Second, husbands are useless. I love mine dearly, but seriously it’s like he goes out of his way to make things more complicated for me. And third, give yourself some more time. The weight is coming off slowly. You’ll get there. *hugs*

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